Friday, January 13, 2012


It was 40 degrees and we had grass showing.  Today,  I wake up to this.  This is the scene out my bedroom window.  According to the weatherman,  we are supposed to get between 4-8" before this is over tomorrow morning.  Yippee!  *insert eye roll here*

I am hoping the roads will be okay to go to Walmart tonight.  I need to get my yarn for my Harry Potter Bunch Blanket.  I will not start it yet,  but I will soon.  I either need to get Edward or Hello Pitbull off my hook first. 

Speaking of Hello Pitbull,  I only did 12 rows yesterday.  I wasn't really feeling like working on it.  But,  I did manage to get up to 50% or 50 rows.  So I am okay with that. 

He is coming out quite cute.  His collar and tongue are now showing....LOL  I am about 5 rows away from his nose. 

Try to stay warm everyone.  What are you going to do today??


  1. I'm slightly jealous over the snow. We are "supposed" to get a dusting of snow, like on Sunday or something. I am not holding my breath. Lol! Stay warm.

    The pitbull looks adorable. :-)

    1. Thanks hun! I am okay with the snow. Its the middle of January in WNY, we are supposed to have weather like this :)