Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Edward Progress

I am currently 25 rows or 25% into Lani's CBN Edward.  He doesn't really look like much yet.....But he looks pretty good I think.

Once I finish Edward,  I am going to start a Hogwart's Bunch Blanket.  Its for me,  so it'll be a "pick-up-put-down" project. 

I also have another project OTH right now.  Its a Hello Pitbull.  rebecca182 from Ravelry emailed me the graph she made last night.  The one I am making doesn't have the eye patch,  but he is just so darn cute!  I will post progress pics of him later. 

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  What are you working on today???


  1. Ooooh, I see a neck. Lol! It looks really good. :-)

  2. The shading looks really good...and I love all of the blues.

  3. Thanks! I know its one of your fave colors :)