Monday, January 16, 2012


I did absolutely nothing this weekend.  LOL  I ran a few errands,  and I ended up having to re-do my Kindle.  It wouldn't index,  so I had to deregister it,  re-register it,  than proceed to remake ALL my collections!  It sucked!  And I am still not done.....GRRRRR....

I ended reading most of the day yesterday.  Other than that one glitch with my Kindle Touch,  I love it!  I may end up getting another skin for it.  This one is starting to drive me batty!  LOL

I was reading Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks.  I got the 1st 3 books in the series,  as a bundle for $7.96.  Not bad if you ask me!  I am really enjoying the series.  I got the 4th one free awhile back,  so I guess it was time.  LOL

I need to work on Edward,  but I am fighting a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  UGH!  I hate this time of year.  It seems like I am sick from October to April every year.  No joke.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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