Monday, January 30, 2012

Edward Update

I actually worked on Rilana's Edward this weekend!  WOOT!  LOL  Anyway,  here he is at 76 rows done or 76% completed.  I have 1 more row then I start the gold color for his eyes.  I thought this was a good place to stop and take a picture.   He is coming out absolutely amazing!  I am actually very surprised.  I didn't really do anything this weekend.  It was cold and snowy here all weekend.  Ick!  Oh well.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!!! 


  1. Oooooh, I love it. He does look amazing. I love the colors and how the shading is turning out. :-)

    1. I am glad you are happy with him so far :)

    2. Of course, I love it. You made it, silly. :-)

      I blogged about my weekend. Hehehe...and then some. :-)