Thursday, January 5, 2012


Brought me a present!  LOL  Not really,  I paid for it, but still!  My Herrschners order is here.  I ordered some Red Heart yarn for a few CBN projects.  Herrschners is the only place I can get all the shades of browns.  The ones on the bottom left are actually Aran,  not white as they look.

Onto other CBN news.  I maybe possibly doing a demo/promo on Saturday.  Not sure when or where yet,  but I will keep you guys updated. 

Also,  one of my closest friends,  Rilana,  loves Edward from Twilight.  So,  I am going to be making her this one.  But he will be in shades of blue.  I hope she likes him!  I need a CBN project to work on during the demo,  so this will fit the bill!