Friday, June 22, 2012

Elphaba Mitts....

I am currently knitting a pair of fingerless gloves.  The pattern is called Elphaba.  In an earlier post,  I mentioned all the single skeins of Felici I bought,  this pattern is perfect for them.  When we moved at the beginning of month,  we changed from landlord controlled heat,  to electric baseboard heat.  So,  I am going to need some fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm this winter.  I guess I am trying to get a jump on it.  LOL  The color I am using is called Minty.  I also upped the needle size to a 2 1/2.  My friend,  Rilana,  made a pair of these on a size 2,  and they are a little snug.  Since we have the same size hands,  I upped the needle.  So,  here is the beginning 20 rows of my Elphaba's.

Aren't the colors pretty?  There is also a silvery gray that I haven't gotten to yet.  The pattern is very well-written and easy to follow.

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