Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Attack of Bean....

Gah!  I forgot what it was like to have a kitten in the house.  Bean is something else.  She plays hard,  then she just stops,  and falls over asleep.  Literally,  just stops & falls over.  I think she has a sleeping disorder!  LOL  Right now,  she is trying to climb my shower curtain.  This picture is her playing with the air.  It is just her,  I didn't pose her or anything.  No toys involved or anything. 

Funny story,  right after we got her,  I was searching the apartment for her.  Couldn't find her anywhere.  POOF! GONE!  About 20 minutes of searching,  I hear a small meow.  I look up,  and she is laying ON TOP of my curtain rod!!  She was stuck and couldn't get down.  She has no fear!!!! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!  


  1. I love your cat. She is adorable. I want to schmooze her and squeeze her...Lol!

    1. LOL Thanks....She is a handful though....