Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family BBQ Pics......

On Sunday,  we had a family BBQ we went to.  Steve's sister,  brother-in-law,  niece and nephew were up from AZ.  It was great to see them,  haven't in a few years.  Can't believe how big the kids are getting.  So,  here are some pics of the BBQ.

Steve and his nephew Hunter.

Steve and his sister Danielle.

Hunter and my son Timothy.

Steve and his niece Koryn.

Timothy & Koryn.

In other news,  nothing much has been going on.  I haven't really been knitting.  Mostly reading.  Which is okay.  It has been VERY humid here lately,  which drains every last bit of energy out of me. 

I have an appointment with Brynn (my tattoo artist),  to have my sleeve started.  I am going in on August 18th.  I am bouncing.  I am so excited.  I am giving Brynn free-reign when it comes to the sleeve.  The only requests I have made were:  A classy pin-up girl and a possible peacock.  Who knows though!  LOL

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday,  and talk to you soon!!!

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  1. Cute pictures. Everyone is happy and smiling. BBQ are so much fun. Les and I rarely BBQ anymore. We have a tiny patio/yard it is kinda pointless. We used to BBQ back when we rented a house in Tacom, WA. Miss BBQ's. Lol! I just rambled, didn't I? HUGS!